Our Story

Happy Hands Learning Center offers a bilingual (English-Spanish) early childhood development program that serves children and families from birth through five years of age. Our teachers, administration and families are combined to form a small but vibrant community dedicated to providing a consistent, nurturing, creative and responsive environment in which each of our children will develop bilingual skills, grow and flourish using The Arts as a learning tool.

Happy Hands Learning Center was founded by Lea and Ruth Zepeda. Their idea of an early childhood center that could use The Arts as a learning tool was developed by them while both sisters were attending Art school and working as teachers at a local learning center. They came up with the idea of combining their Art knowledge and the experience they acquired in the many years they worked with children to create fun possibilities for children of all learning styles. Proud of their Hispanic origin they wanted to create a program that offers children and families bilingual instruction too. They saw in The Arts the perfect vehicle to do both things at the same time.

In the Summer of 20011 they saw the opportunity to start working towards seeing their dream come true, decided to start the licensing process and as well as the hiring and training process of all staff needed to create the successful team they had in mind.
Lea and Ruth are thankful to every person, friends and family that have support them and have been involved in the process to complete this project, they are sure that all efforts and hard work will be rewarded in many ways. They consider themselves blessed to have the opportunity to work in a project that supports families of the community in their parenting journey.

Our Goals and Mission

To be part of a support system for families whitin our community providing a Billingual Early Learning Program.

In supporting children, families and teachers, we believe that:
Children learn in many different ways - it is our responsibility to address all the needs of a child - emotional,              intellectual, social and physical.
Parents are the most significant adults in a child's life and must be supported in developing themselves both as parents and as individuals.
Teachers and administration are encouraged to keep growing in their field of expertise through support and resources such as workshops, training sessions, continued education and flexible working schedules.
In order to accomplish our goals, we provide:
A dedicated and experienced team of teachers supported by in house and outside resources and support.
A safe and stimulating physical environment;
A bilingual (English-Spanish) program that uses The Arts to encourage age-appropriate development and a positive self-image, curiosity, language, cognitive and social abilities and fine and gross motor skills;
ongoing opportunities for our children to explore the world outside our center;
Frequent verbal feedback in which we encourage parent participation so that they can share in their child's growing and learning with us.