Learning Starts Early

 We at Happy Hands Learning Center are dedicated to providing a nurturing, creative and developmentally appropriate environment in which our children, families and our teachers are encouraged to learn, develop and grow.
( 8 Weeks - 23 Mos )

Security and consistency are two things our caregivers provide. We make sure your child receives plenty of attention, with daily routines that include responsive play, reading, feeding and of course diapering. Read More >>

Little Picassos
( Two's )
Our small group setting allows Two Year Old's to work together on daily activities, practice age appropriate skills and develop healthy habits which are the foundation for future learning; all while learning two languages (English-Spanish).


( Preschool )
We work with parents to make sure preschoolers are well equipped to succeed in school. Their daily routine is designed to prepare them both emotionally and cognitively to continue their educational journey and to be creative children.